The complete toolkit for Mortgage Professionals.

Seize command of your pipeline with Prycer's comprehensive mortgage toolkit. It's the sole sales-oriented pricing tool in the mortgage sector, designed to save you time and enhance your chances of success.

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What is Prycer?

Prycer excels at conducting head-to-head mortgage comparisons with tailor-made presentations crafted for your client's specific property. Once your client has explored their loan options and made a decision, Prycer enables you to export the loan data to a 3.4 URLA format, simplifying the upload process to the lender portal of your Loan Officer's preference. All the essential tools you require to outperform your competitors are conveniently consolidated in one place.

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Compare Loan Options

Conduct a side-by-side comparison of various loan options to secure the best one for your customers.

Lead Generator

Prycer offers you the flexibility to either optimize your existing leads or expand your customer base with fresh ones, all within one versatile platform.

Proposal Tool

Present loan choices to your clients through customized proposals that are easily shareable and comparable.

Pipeline Management

Maintain lead tracking by status to ensure your priorities are aligned for achieving success.

Dynamic Property Data

We take care of the heavy lifting by furnishing property profiles for every lead, ensuring a seamless interaction.

Pricing & Balancing Engine

Let our pricing engine handle precise calculations, relieving you of the task.

Export 3.4 URLA

Effortlessly convert your loan file into the 3.4URLA format for convenient uploading to your lender portal.

Mobile Friendly

Our goal is to ensure accessibility is as seamless as possible, whether you're on the move or at your desk – Prycer is readily available.

Custom Proposal Generator and Comparison Tool

Prycer extends beyond mere loan option summarization and comparison; it empowers you to generate user-friendly PDF reports for sharing and distribution. You have the flexibility to export a single proposal or present side-by-side comparisons within the same report, simplifying the process for borrowers to comprehend their choices.

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Ability to Upload your existing leads or Download fresh leads all from one place!

We provide two flexible options to suit your business needs. You can seamlessly integrate your existing leads into Prycer, making it an integral part of your system. Alternatively, you can opt to acquire and download fresh leads daily directly from Prycer. Our approach is tailored to align with your business's specific requirements.

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